Highlighters and bright markers are a great handwriting tool!

Comes included in MissMancy’s Handwriting Starter Kit. Available for purchase on this site.

I use them often and many different ways:

  • Write a word or letter with highlighter and ask ur child to trace with a pencil. Or make a highlighted dot where u want ur child to start his letters


  • For children who have difficulty staying in the lines, highlight the lined paper and say:  ”Stay in the yellow lines!”
  • Always make highlighted boxes to delineate where you want your child to write. This gives them a frame within which they can write (otherwise kids tend to make letters all over the place and different sizes!!!)

  • Highlight area to cut and say Stay on the yellow road!


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10 Responses to “The Brilliance of Highlighters”

  1. Jennifer Monroe says:

    Love the idea of using a highlighter to makes letters then having the children trace them! I never would have thought of that!! Thanks :)

  2. Melinda says:

    You can also write a letter with a blue highlighter then let the child trace it with a yellow highlighter.. It magically turns the letter green!

  3. Heather Tricoli says:

    I love this idea! Am so going to use it in my classroom but wish i had heard about it sooner.

    • admin says:

      Enjoy! I love highlighters! Light colored markers are also great especially when the kids get bored of the same yellow!

  4. Becca says:

    thank u thank u! U have no ideal how this has helped me out tonight …..was trying to figure out what would help for my struggling students

  5. Karen Minnis says:

    This is awesome. I’ve been keeping 5 of my 15 grandchildren for the last 3 years. Now 3 of the 5 are in 1st grade, K5 and K4, and I have a 4yo and 2 yo still with me. The 2 yo loves tracing the highlighted letters, especially with another highlighter. I wish I had known about all the helping tools available when I first started keeping my sweet babies. I found this on Pinterest and I’m reading lots of your older posts as well.


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